The Point Marion Public Library has a long history of service, providing books and
periodicals and meeting research needs for the borough of Point Marion and Springhill
Township.  The library was established in October 1921, through the efforts of a
women’s group known as the Criterion Club.  The members of the club called upon
local citizens for donations of books and cash contributions.  The library was opened
to the public with a collection of 1,053 books.  At that time, the town council agreed
to provide a space in the Municipal Building for the library.  

A few years later, the Borough assumed responsibility for the library.  A board of
seven trustees was appointed and affiliation with the State Library Association was
begun.  Eventually the public library and the high school library were combined and
the library relocated to the Point Marion High School.  In 1967 renovations to the
school building provided space for the public library to once again become a separate
entity and move to it’s present location.

Today the public library is still housed in what was formerly the Point Marion School,
but on the opposite corner—Ontario and Cyrus.  Approximately 6500 volumes and
various reference books and periodicals are available free-of-charge to all area
residents.  The library sponsors a variety of programs intended to stimulate pre-
schoolers (Story Hour) and beginning and early readers (Reading Contests and
Programs).  Research materials are available for students at the junior high and high
school levels.  

The library houses a collection of bound issues and microfiche of the Point Marion
News, formerly the local weekly newspaper, dating from the early 1930’s, as well as
memorabilia from the days when the school was home to winning athletic and
educational teams.

The library is staffed by one employee and numerous volunteers.  The library follows
the Albert Gallatin Area School District calendar during the school year but remains
open for the summer.  The library is open to the public and serves residents of Point
Marion and surrounding townships free of charge.  A board of eight members who
volunteer their time and assume responsibility for managing, operations, and
maintenance manages the library.  

The library is funded through a combination of memorials, donations and contributions
from the County Commissioners, Albert Gallatin School Board, and Borough Council
and local service organizations.  Prior to the Point Marion School’s sale, the Albert
Gallatin School Board provided rent-free space and utilities to the library.  The
current owner, Mr. Dewey Stillwagon, has continued to provide rent-free space, but
the library board is responsible for utilities and maintenance.
Point Marion Public Library
Revised 2/7/2018