Hours of Operation:
Monday                 6pm to 9pm
Tuesday                2pm to 4pm
                         6pm to 9pm
Wednesday            6pm to 9pm
Thursday               6pm to 9pm
Friday                    Closed
Saturday                12pm to 2pm
Sunday                   Closed
Board of Trustees
Gloria Bowers
Zoann Callahan
Brenda Quertinmont
Beth Reseter
Rita Swanger
Jo Watts
Katherine Wyda  
Library Clerk, Joyce Dills
Point Marion Public Library

399 Ontario St.
Point Marion PA   15474                Phone:  (724) 725 - 9553   Fax:  (724) 725 - 9553

JUNE 25th - 11:00am "All About Music" Presented by
Elizabeth Bertovich

July 9th - 11:00am "A Rainbow of Fruits and Vegetables"
Presented by the Power Up Program

August 4th - 11:00am "Fire Trucks, Up Close" Presented by
Point Marion VFD
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List of Memorials
Memorial Form
for Public Use
Revised 9/4/2015
Limited number of "Point Marion...from the beginning" books
are available for $36 at the library during regular library hours