Hours of Operation:
Monday                 6pm to 9pm
Tuesday                2pm to 4pm
                 6pm to 9pm
Wednesday            6pm to 9pm
Thursday               6pm to 9pm
Friday                    Closed
Saturday                12pm to 2pm
Sunday                   Closed
Board of Trustees

Gloria Bowers
Julie Brooks
Zoann Callahan
Jackie Casini
Beth Reseter
Rita Swanger
Jo Watts
Library Clerk, Joyce Dills
Point Marion Public Library

399 Ontario St.
Point Marion PA   15474                                                       Phone:  (724) 725 - 9553
Point Marion Library will begin its summer reading
program on June 21st. Children of all ages are
welcome to attend.  There will be a Beach Themed
Kick-off on June 21st at 11:00.  Other topics include:
Stormy the Miniature Horse on July 19th and Creepy
Crawly Things on August 9th at 11:00 at the library.
For more information call Jo Watts at 724 725 9372.
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Memorial Form
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Revised 8/6/2016
Limited number of "Point Marion...from the beginning" books
are available for $36 at the library during regular library hours
Pet Experience!  The next exciting PLAY K library
program is now ready and will continue for the next
four weeks during regular library hours.  A special
area will be set up to explore taking care of your
pets. Preschoolers and their parents can participate in
hands-on activities to develop skills needed to be
successful in Kindergarten and beyond.  Take-home
materials which support these activities will be
available for parents and caregivers.
“The library is a place that not only offers a large
selection of books but is also a wonderful community
resource,” said Zoann Callahan,
Library Board President.   “We feel fortunate to offer
this opportunity to Point Marion’s preschoolers and
their parents.”
Our new look.  New sidewalk which is handicap accessible and the new roof
covering the entrance.